Is being videotaped painful?

Extremely. No wait, the opposite of that, NOT AT ALL. My team works hard to make sure you look and sound good in your video. We will edit what you say... so feel free to mess up and try again.


How will I get my video?


Key In Films uses the popular file-sharing service, Dropbox, to upload and share your video (and other relevant files) with you. We'll email you a personalized hyperlink to quickly and easily download your video.

Once your video is finalized, we can also upload it to Vimeo or YouTube (your account or ours) so you can easily broadcast it to the world!


Why isn't my entire video on Dropbox?

Dropbox is a service primarily for sharing files, not playing videos. While you can use Dropbox's "preview" function to view the first 12 minutes, to watch anything longer than that, you'll need to download the file. Look for the "download" button in the bottom right corner of the screen.


The company is named Key In Films but you aren't using film. Why is that?

It sounded cool.



What should I wear on camera?

A: Solid colors that make you look good. Nothing striped, please.