So you want to make a video...

That is awesome. That is great. Let's do this!

  • First off, and this step is often skipped, figure out who you are targeting. If you don't know your audience, I don't know your audience and I can't make an effective video. An effective video is like an arrow fired from a bow. Unfortunately if we don't know what we are shooting at, it is a lot harder to hit it. Everything from shooting style, writing and editing all depends on this.
  • Figure out a timeline. Always remember everything takes longer than you think it will. A two minute video can take a week to shoot and edit. The Hollywood movie you just watched in two hours? Took a couple hundred people a couple years. No one likes a rushed video, especially you or your target audience. I haven't yet found a time machine but you'll be the first to know if I do.


  • When being interviewed, practice beforehand. You can use a mirror or a friend to practice with. It can be easy but it also can be hard so do yourself a favor and practice a little bit beforehand. Try to figure out everything that you want to talk about beforehand. I think you are much better at getting your point across than a bunch of text I can throw on screen.
  • Editing takes for ever. Not literally but after you sit in a dark editing suite for three days straight, it can feel like it. I want to work with you to make you exactly the video you want but please remember every correction, even a small one, takes a long time to do. Video is not a word document. It takes a lot of computing power and time to make spit out each new video for you review. Please work with me to be as detailed as possible in corrections so we can both get back to watching Netflix.